Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sewing Class Information

Just in case you were wondering... and I think you might be, I am opening up sewing classes all the time. There are a few (very few) openings in the children's classes in Ladera Ranch, and many opportunities for classes depending on your needs and availability. I will come to you (whereever you are) , or you can come to me (in Anaheim Hills). In order for me to come to you I need to have at least 4 students lined up. You may email me for details as far as price and time and I will glad to work something out with you.

Here are a few of the projects that we have done, here and here.

You do not need your own sewing machine, and you definately do not need to have ever sewn before. I am a traveling sewing instructor with 6 of my own machines and supplies.

Classes are paid for monthly and there is a small materials fee to cover some of the fabulous things we make - again, please email me for specific details.

Wednesday Sewing Classes UPDATES

Hello Ladies:

Here are a few important UPDATES for the upcoming month's classes. I just(literally) emailed you all in regards to Spring Break attendance. As soon as I hear back from everyone I will be forming some kind of plan in regards to class consolidation...if any is required.

Thank you all for getting back to me, it is so nice to be able to hear from everyone. I love to hear what you think about the class and its progress (good and bad) please feel free to email me with any thoughts, ideas, concerns or recipes for donuts.

Also, as I promised, the April Class Preview will be up soon (did I say today? well, I was dreaming, I am sure) definitely soon, as April is right around the corner. Due to spring break some of the girls will not be here for the first class in April and that leaves just three classes after that - April only has four weeks. So we will be using April's first class to finish up bunny slippers.

See you in class -

Please accept this photo of Walt Disney eating chicken in lieu of a photo of something I made today. I think it's an even trade.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Do Tuesday List

Tuesday is my day to get things done. I have all day to lay face down on the front lawn if I please. But not today, I have a lot to do. Here is what I need to get done today.

1. Go running. Seriously, it has been too long.

***UPDATE. I did not run today, though it would have been the perfect weather to do so. It is hard to get yourself to run for health's sake. I need to be chased and running for my life.

2. Finish making the rest of April's projects for the April Preview that will be posted some time today. Accomplishing this will take a trip to the fabric store. Note: remember to return from the fabric store and do not stop at Portillo's, you do not need a hot dog before you sew.

***UPDATE. Made most all of the projects, but did not post. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Wonderwoman...or the Green Lantern. But I DID go to the fabric store and DID NOT stop at Portillo's, but am seriously reconsidering the role a hotdog plays in my sewing projects.

3. Cut out the pieces needed for the bunny slippers that will hopefully get completed in Wednesday's class. The last project ran a little long and bunny slippers got pushed up a week. I think this was as a result of a little more difficulty and a lot more interesting conversation...which is a very necessary part of a sewing circle you know.

***UPDATE. The pieces were not cut out, but I expected this (says me).

4. Go to the grocery store and don't forget the peanut butter or the dish soap. Also, food, buy some of this, and no more Ramen or edamame.

***UPDATE. Went to the store, did not forget the peanut butter, did not actually need any dishsoap (are you still awake?) and bought real food.

5. Super secret Easter project needs to be completed by tomorrow night...stay tuned for photos.

***UPDATE. Project completed. The Easter bunny can now stop texting me...he gets so rude around Easter.

If I can get this done today, I will be my own hero. If I can not get it all done today, I will reconsider being face down on the front lawn.

***UPDATE. I have decided to be my own hero regardless of the list and the lawn was too soggy for any type of laying today.

wish me luck.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Monday

Hello and Happy Monday

Looks like the week has begun again, despite the lack of enthusiasm for Monday's in general, it seems to come around again and again no matter what people say behind its back or to its face. I'm talking to you Mama Cass.

I actually really don't mind Mondays. Mondays are hopeful, a new chance to do it all again, an opportunity to maybe come out ahead this week. You just.never.know. Mondays get a bad wrap...for the record, I love Monday and you should too. Yeah Monday. Monday for President. Viva Lunes.

So the big project for this weekend was for my Mom. She works as a surgical tech assisting in many a c-section. She'll tell you all about it, but I cannot listen, because I'll faint dead away at the mere mention of the process. Once I fainted when a man who was about to draw my blood told me not to worry because he does this to oranges all day long. Goodnight.

She asked me a few weeks ago to make her a few new surgical caps. My mother, much like me, prefers things to be a little more exciting than the average bear. The cap she had was cute, but by no means anything we would choose fabric wise. So, I had no pattern, but I did have one of her old surgical hats. It proved to be a fairly easy pattern to make and then sew and I chose some pretty hilarious fabrics too. Mom, you asked for poodles and I delivered. Did you ask for sock monkeys? No? Well, guess what, you got 'em.

It occurred to me that these caps could also be used for food preparation and any other process where your hair is not listed as an ingredient. I am thinking of making a tutorial for these...

'til Tuesday - Carole

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday we went to the Apple Pan, and I was really looking forward to it. I know now that I should have done a little more research before hand.

I guess we couldn't have known that the place only sat like 30 people and that all of those seats were at the counter...bizarre right? But, still I like to be prepared in situations such as these, I like to know the proper or agreed upon etiquette before entering so as not to be shamed in front of the everyday patrons (you know the people that go there so often that they have a sandwich named for them? yeah, I suppose I care what they think of me).

Well upon entering it became entirely obvious that we were not going to be eating for a while...all counter seats were full and there were already people waiting. So we waited, and waited and then waited some more only to find that we should have called out the number in our party before entering so that we could have been seated together. There are no posted signs, you are just supposed to know, and that is fine, I am hip to that, I like secret clubs, but only when I am in them. So we finally sit, order, eat, blah blah and the food is pretty good and so on, but I can't shake the feeling that we are doing it wrong, like I should be engaging in some elaborate handshake with the customer to my left or that I should have offered the first bite to the goddess of hamburgers. So I left feeling a little unfulfilled, I didn't want to be given a parade for my ordering competence in this confusing situation or anything like that but I guess a certificate for completion of the most difficult seating square dance ever, with out practice or prior knowledge would have been good. I do recommend this place, but don't expect any hugs or eye contact from the waiters...they don't have any time for that.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday I picked up my Dad and we had a thriftathon, this is a sport that we both medal in, usually gold, no brag...just fact.

Our thriftathon took us deep into East L.A., through several drive through establishments, past the A&W that once gave me food poisoning because I had to order the Dagwood burger - complete with olive and toothpick, through the exotic Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Parlour and then into some uncharted territories where there was a Donutland next to a Hair City across the street from a Dress Barn.

Here are some the items that I found along the way that I would like to share with you.

First,this 'candy, nuts and pretzels' canister which will hold some of my sewing doo-dads...because I know myself well enough to know that I would never be able to leave those snacks alone if I did fill this up as the labels specify.

Next...a pukey colored fondue pot. This is for a project that I am doing soon and that is all that I wish to say at this time.

And then...these patterns for me to sew for you. Yes you! Weren't we just saying how I should make you something?

Moving right along... to this fabric for my spring kitchen bench cushion covers. Perhaps you will come and sit on them when they are finished? Or admire them from my kitchen window. I promise I won't turn the garden hose on you.

These metal baskets...because I was blinded by a thrifting frenzy and I lost my mind in the curiosity section and wound up with two of these. But I love themm oh! and the silky table runner below them - I nearly fell on the disgusting floor when I found it.

Hello Santa in March...I can't wait to use you in December. I hope you are just as jolly after several months smashed into the linen closet.

See these glasses? They are waiting to be cleaned and used. Hunting theme meets superman and a whole lotta hearts.

Unidentified animal wood shop project to hold my bananas...?

And there may or may not have been a tad more...but I didn't want to overwhelm you and in total, I believe I spent around $30ish dollars the most expensive item being the fabric because there were a few pieces that were marked separately.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Once we drove to Arizona for Pizza...

For reals.

It was Ryan's birthday and darn it, if he doesn't love 'him some pizza. So much so, that we decided to drive to "The Best Pizza in the United States"(already suspect that this pie's popularity doesn't extend beyond the borders of the United States)Still, we were intrigued.

We rented a van, rounded up the usual suspects and left for Phoenix from Orange County. Except for a brief stop over in Quartzite (if you haven't been to Quartzite, then you haven't been as close as you think to being exposed to flesh eating disease) we pretty much drove as fast as we could so that we could get in the 4 hour line that forms outside of said pizza place, which BTW is called Bianco's. Yes, you read correctly, there is a 4 hour line every day.

The pizza here will make you want to hug yourself.

The sauce, dough and cheese is all made by they owner/chef and the veggies are grown next to the restaurant. And I heard that he imported his oven brick by brick from Italy to Arizona so top that! all other pizza places everywhere! Also, we ordered everything on the menu, no kidding, and it was all unbelievable.

Despite eating the best pizza in the United States of America, Ryan still prefers a Little Caesar's 'hot and ready' any day.

Oh and we stayed here...

The Valley Ho. Check it out.

p.s. if you think I am avoiding sewing, you are wrong, I'll prove it tomorrow when their is daylight for picture taking.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zonkeys are hard to come by...

If you are not aware of the zoological phenomenon known as the Zonkey or Zorse, please look it up immediately. You will not be disappointed. Whereas there are actual living breathing crossed donkey/horses/zebras in existance, we are more interested in Donkeys painted with white paint to look like Zebras. Somehow this seems less cruel than the actual cross breeding...go figure.

Sooo...Ryan and I threw a birthday party for a friend of ours at our house. There was a Latin theme...pinatas, tacos, water slides(what?) and a Zonkey...though not the real deal. It is easier to find a zorse than a donkey painted with white stripes, so I had to improvise and make a Zonkey mask. Here is my handywork. Please enjoy the super artistic fantasy by Simon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Pajamas, let's be more comfortable, okay?"

What does a girl have to do to get a decent pair of 'jammies? Make them, that's what!
After searching high and low and even delving into the deepest depths of discount stores, I found only my most disliked pajama styles.

1. The super long nightgown. You know, the one that your grandma wears...the one that will twist around your waist and ankles until your wrapped tighter than a tamale and if your side of the bed is against a wall like mine is, you end up inching to the end of the bed like an worm. no thank you.

2. Tank and shorts/pants combo. There are many cuts and fabrics that these can be made of but this will not stop the bottoms from riding high on your waist a la Fred Mertz. Next?

3. Husband's old Rush t-shirt and yoga pants. If there is a fire...I will be embarrassed, geez.

I am going to make some are a few patterns I like, we'll see what I come up with.

Kidding...kidding. I did not metion it above, but the adult onezie does not spell comfort to me.

Not too long, not too short...many fabric possibilities. This is a great candidate.

If a bird doesn't land on my finger after I make these, I will be sorely disappointed.

Where are all the good pj's? Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking forward to...

...the weekend, so that I can go here: The Apple Pan so that I can clean my house. I am pretty sure that I have squatters.

...someday, when I have room for this guy

Have a lovely Tuesday

Monday, March 22, 2010

You asked...I answer

I have had a few questions lately about the type of machines that I use personally and those I use to teach. they are.

Brother LX3125

First, this is the machine that I use to teach classes. I did quite a bit of interneting and talking out loud to myself in public to decide which was the best machine for teaching purposes and this is the machine that stood out above all for several reasons:

1. It is extremely user friendly. This machine has all of the necessary functions for sewing clothing, home projects and crafting and it doesn't take a scientist or a professional seamstress to figure out how to use them. Easy peasy.

2. It is inexpesive and easy to find. I have found this machine for as little at $58.00 and as much as $74.00 which are both very good prices when it comes to sewing machines. Also, Brother's are available at Target, Walmart and Costco (occationally) - you do not have to venture into a sewing machine retailer - which are great places, but overwhelming sometimes for the novice sew'er.

Brother XR-9000

Second, this is the machine that I got for Christmas... the creampuff. This machine has 80 built in stiches, over 120 stitch functions and you might wake up one morning to this machine brewing you a nice cup of tea and giving you advice on your is that awesome. This is the machine that I would reccomend if you are serious about this sewing stuff, if you dream of sewing, if sewing is on your to-do list It really does the job and asks very little of the person sitting in front of it.

Riccar 2600 Super Stretch

Third, the always dependable, extremely fast and efficent Riccar. I love this machine. It makes the most beautiful patterns and asks nothing in return. Riccar's as I am told, were like 'the thing to have' and I can see why, they sew like a dream. Which also leads me to fourth, the teal beast of a Riccar, that takes arms of steel to transport. This is also such a great worker though not many bells and whistles so I don't use it as much as a used to.

Riccar (Who knows? Vintage...the super heavy model)

If you should have any further questions or thoughts, I am happy to answer...I hope this is helpful.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Simply delicious...

Here is our very first batch ever of green onions...I think they look pretty good. I cannot say how they taste, as these were given away today, but there are many more where these came from and did I mention radishes? sheesh.

And, here is a little Saturday night treat. Just a simple batch of monkey bread. I learned to make this in junior high home economics. So simple and sooooo good.

As you read this I am in the garden admiring our rogue lettuce and pumpkins that sprang up from last year's planting and wondering how we are going to do-si-do the other plants around corn, watermelons, green beans, blue berries, black berries, tomatos, peppers, etc. Also, bird feeders...succulents...and relaxation

See you all Monday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Upcoming Sewing Projects - Wednesday

Hello Ladies -

Here are some updates for classes on Wednesday. In the children's classes we will be finishing up the Ricey Rabbits. So please be sure to bring your bunnies to class on Wednesday. Until this time please do not allow your Ricey Rabbit to operate heavy machinery, as we did not have a chance to embroider any eyes last Wednesday. We will also be starting a two week project where we will be making bunny slippers.

In the adult class we will be finishing up the aprons and moving onto the easter baskets.

I have ten hundred thousand things to do this weekend, and I can't wait to get started. I did work on a pretty ambitious project yesterday involving Easter and some freelance work that I am doing for the Easter Bunny. But I signed a confidentiality agreement and I really would want to mess with the Easter Bunny, he's huge...cousin to Harvey. So, for now, it is hush hush, but soon it will be revealed. I promise. All I will say is that if I were a chicken, this would be a whole lot easier.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Frugal Frau Friday

Hallo Frauen!

Welcome to this week's edition of the Frugal Frau. I have a few good swapmeet finds and what is more frugal than a home garden

If you didn't know it already, let me tell you a secret, lean in so I can whisper...the swapmeet is the best place on earth to get gifts. Shhhhhhhh!!! Don't repeat it out loud! I am not talking about the swapmeet that has slapchops demonstrations and tube socks, I am talking about 'the swapmeet' where someone brings their junk so that it may one day become someone elses junk, for cheap. We have found so many priceless items at our local swapmeet. Here are a few recent finds...

Did you notice the clown above...when you turn his nose he plays 'send in the clowns...'$2.00! The look on the face of the person who chooses it in this year's white elephant party...priceless. BTW, this clown randomly began to play when it was in the back of my car when we were coming home...creepy.

These scissors I am not sure what they were intended for originally but they are excellent for cutting plants and scaring off assailants...also there is a man who sharpen's scissors outside of the fabric store on Thursdays and I am dying to bring something to him. I was hoping to find a menacing cleaver to bring to him...but these will do.

Here is this years crop of peas, carrots and brocoli. The peas are going nuts! and the carrots are stubborn. comment at this time. See for yourself below. I'd say that every seed we planted took root, and each seed packet was under $2.00. This is a whole lotta inexpensive food for the eating and gifting. Get ready local family and friends.

Until next time, auf wiedersehen! from the frugal frau...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(whispered tone) I am one of those people who kill spiders.

Well, not me, my husband. He kills spiders and takes out the trash.

I sure do love a good spider smashing. That is not true. I do feel sad a little, especially when they are just quitely lounging on the wall beside my bed, sometimes even facing away from me as if to say, "oh, your're not bothering me, I'm just looking over in this direction" But I know, and they know, that they have at least 7 of thier eight eyes focused on my ear, or nostril and are trying to navigate their way in. Yes, that is the fear, that the spider will crawl into my ear, nose or...mouth, ahhhhhhh!Not impossible, ask the science channel, no not that one, the one on cable!

I will not be able to make anything today, but I will be dreaming of the next project and Friday I will be unstoppable. Until that time, please accept the photo above of my husband as today's post. I can't even begin to explain.

Meatloaf Sushi Style and Cream cheese the duct tape of the culinary world...

This was Monday night's dinner. I waited to post it because I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Don't get me wrong, it tasted like heaven. It is meatloaf wrapped in mashed potatoes, sushi-style (though not raw, I feel like I have to clarify). In order to make the mashed potatoes sticky, I added cream cheese. not sure if this actually made them sticky or if it just made them tasty. I say both. This meal will make you want to hug yourself, and I did. The radish roses (...ish) are part of the never ending radish harvest. I was glad to see that some of the neighborhood rabbits have gotten wise to the crop. There were quite a few radishes without there greenery and then quite a few empty holes along the edges - at least someone likes them. Rabbits, have at them. But leave my carrots alone please.

Oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to lean = Time to clean

I must take a much needed break from the internet I am trapped beneath a tower of trash. My house did not get it's Monday cleaning this week, or last week. Sewing calls a lot louder than dirty dishes and laundry most days and darn it, I just don't have the relationship with my broom that I would like. So today, whilst I am knee-deep in laudry and junk mail, have a gander at these hats I made. Modeled by the loverly kelly (thank you again).

I was on a real hat kick a while back and I whipped up about three one day in a mad fury. I love hats and Grandma Margie says that I look good in them. So why did't I take my picture in the hats you ask? Well, I am a one woman show during the daylight hours, or prime photo taking time. Kelly was nice enough to come on down and strike a pose and join me in some Dr. Pepper and grenadine at Watson's downtown.

Oo, also, here is the pattern that I used. Snazzy eh, I wonder where this lady is now. I would like to congratulate her on her extreme cuteness.

Lindsay, if you are reading this, I am mopping the floor using your method and I feel like Pippi Longstocking and it is awesome.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing Wednesday Updates...

Hello Ladies...

Here are a few announcements for Wednesday's sewing classes.

The beginning and advanced girls classes will be making 'ricey rabbits'. As you can see from the photos of the sample below there are varying degrees of difficulty to accomodate each class.

In the adult class, there was a unanimous decision to continue working on the aprons that we started last week. If you were not there last week, you can join right in and begin making your apron tomorrow.

Can't wait.


Homemade Oreos

I came accross a recipe for homemade oreos in the wide wide world of the internet quite a while ago. Not being a fan of the real deal oreo, I wasn't very keen on the idea of trying the recipe. But, as things usually do on the internet, the recipe popped up yet again, and I noticed that the filling, listen closely...had cream cheese in it. No kidding, why didn't you say so in the first place internet? I would have dropped what I was doing way back when and made these 'little devils' (see recipe) immediately. Creamcheese, as far as I am concerned, makes the culinary world go round. It's not for everyone, I know, but if you have anything against creamcheese, put those feelings aside just to take a quick bite of one of these cookies, you will not regret it. Man oh man, I packed up the rest of the cookies and dropped them off at the homes of families and friends...mostly because I had two for breakfast on Sunday and that is just madness.

In our house we only drink Huell Howser approved milk.

Here is the recipe:

1 box of devil's food cake
3/4 c of shortening
2 eggs

Mix these ingredients together for outer cookie wafers.
Roll into small balls (1 inch diameter..ish)
bake on cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes. Balls will flatten out while baking, so do not flatten before baking. And no need for greasing the cookie sheet. Do not over bake, they should be slightly mooshy (technical culinary term) and allowed to cool to hard for about 20min before frosting.

1 8oz package of creamcheese
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons vanilla
1/2 stick of butter

Allow creamcheese and butter to soften before mixing together, unless you are the incredible hulk then mix straight out of the fridge. Spread this good stuff on an overturned wafer and top with another overturned wafer. Take small spoonfuls of this frosting to taste between cookie frosting (just a suggestion).

Homegrown radishes

We planted quite the crop this year of onions, red potatos, carrots, peas and radishes??? Not sure what the reason for the radishes were come to think of it. I mean, I like radishes but not as much as you would think if you saw our garden. EVERY seed we planted sprouted. So here is the first picking of our radishes. These were packed up with the oreos and distributed. Radishes were not as big a hit as the oreos as you might imagine. There are about a million more radishes on their way - other than eating them raw, or having them in potato salad, I am kind of at a loss for what to do with them. Radish Rose garnishes were suggested (thank you Sarah) dinner at our house will be fancy for a while - Any other suggestions?

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

For the birds...

Hello Ladies...

Here is a quick late night Saturday post... for the birds. Remember those little darlings? Well, initially I had planned to add to this wonderful little pattern but time has flown by this week (pun intended).

So here is the original pattern (without my comments) supplied by an awesome blog entitled "Spool". You will find their free bird pattern in the right hand column guessed it Free Patterns. Print it out, cut it out, sew it up...and email me if you have any questions.

Remember, we sewed each side of the bird first from tail to neck and then finished up by sewing the head. And, leave the tail end open to stuff the bird.

Until Monday....


Friday, March 12, 2010

Frugal Frau Friday

Welcome to Frugal Frau Friday (Aunt, is this correct?) where I will feature some projects that I have made for pennies on the dollar, or even sometimes for FREE! I love a good deal, and I know that you do too! So here goes....

I know what you are thinking, Carole, those projects that we did last week were cute and all, but what else can we make using this newly acquired knowledge of yoyos. ranunculas and birds? Well, I am so glad that you asked, and I knew you would, so I decided to whip up a few projects so that you can see 'exactly what a machine could do with a lifetime supply of chocolate' (there is a little Charlie and the Chocolate Factory humor for you, the offense Mr. Depp, you know how I feel.

So please, feast your eyes on these incredibly easy and CHEAP projects. Girls, you have made several yoyos now, and by all accounts you are yoyo masters so go for it.

First, the yoyo necklace...comprized of one, two, three, four, five??? yoyos and a couple of garage sales buttons and one thrift shoppe necklace. Total investment - a whopping $2.oo...probably less. Just a few stitches, some hot gluuuuueee and viola.

Next. What??? A yoyofied pillow? Yes, 12 yoyos later, about $3.00 worth of fab fabric, and a pillow that was probably around $8.00, but ladies, we can find them cheaper, this was an impulse buy. Don't you just want to make a billion? ME TOO!

And what is more, those aqua ranunculas, on that navy dress, Lucy Ricardo would call this "A dream!" As do I. Dare I say that I wore this two days in a row, well, I just did. This dress was a steal from Old Navy, something I bought to kick around the house in. Adding a few scraptastic ranunculas made Donatella Versace call me up directly and ask to be my best friend. I said yes.

And last, but not least, ladies, we made a sparkling of starlings last week in the 8:00pm hour, did we not? Here is a sweet little spring wreathe for your door, wall, or a necklace if you're mother nature. Sticks, free from the river bed, or a yard near you. Fabric, This again, is about $3.00 worth of fabric, hard to say though, I used scraps (frugal frugal frau). Hot glue and a small piece of ribbon. So cute, and just in time to welome spring, March 21st???

That will do it for this week's frugal frau...please tune in next week for more money saving projects that look like a millon bucks...or at least $49.50.

And just in case you need a little help, tutorials are on the way, just need a little polishing...stay tuned.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

French Fries, Dreams and April Sewing

When you eat a cold chili cheese dog for dinner (perhaps you never do) you are likely to have some strange dreams. My grandma used to tell me that if you have french fries before bed you'd have nightmares, not sure if this was to detour me from doing so or if this was true because I never had the courage to try. Anyway, weird weird dreams last night. See picture above.

Today I will be working feverishly at my kitchen table (where all the sewing takes place) to create some new projects for April. I know it's far far away at this point, but I like to start early. Pretty soon I'll be working on Christmas 2012. I am ambitious. I already have some things in mind but I love suggestions...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Break from Sewing...

Cheeseburger Cupcakes...
It is kind of unsettling how authentic these look, in fact I have made them several times since and there are always a few party goers that are stumped by these cupcakes thinking they are the real thing. They are very tasty and very fun to make. I also make 'fries' to go with them (not pictured here).
I knew that I would add a revision to this post. All the above is true, but I thought that it was necessary to add that I did not do this alone. No, in fact, I had help. My husband, who never even flinches when I tell him that I am building a teepee, or that I need a duck or a chicken, assisted me in this endeavor. Not only does he willlingly participate in these adventures, but about fifty percent of the time it's his idea. There are many posts to come that will fall under the catagory of "Joint Venture" and this is just one of them. The extremely authentic fondant 'american cheese' that looks as though it has melted..genius, was entirely the husband. He even made his own condensed milk because we had none. He is a boy scout through and through.
This is not to say that there are not disagreements during these adventures. In fact I remember being doubtful that condensed milk could be condensed at home. But...I was wrong, so wrong (did you hear that?) And it was delicious.
So yes, Joint Ventures...more to come involving sawing furniture in half and carrying a coffee table like a pack mule through a crowded swap meet.
Welcome to my life.

Where did you get that purse?!

This purse has made quite a few friends lately...I have had many compliments on it - so many in fact, that I have decided to make it available for custom purchase here. Price will be determined by size and fabric. Unfortunately this fabric was a thrift shop rescue and there is not enough left for another purse. But...I have plans to head out to the fabric shop this weekend and procure some other options. This particurlar purse is a hand-held but it can easily be transformed into and over-the-shoulder.

This is an original design by me so you will not find it anywhere else. I made it one day while listening to (and occasionally watching) Ziegfeld Girl with Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr and Lana it took on a very vintage feel. There is actually a hat that goes with it - sort of a french school girl beret meant to be worn on the back of your head, but this will be saved for a hat post in the future.
If you would like one of these purses please email me at and we can sort out the details.

Monday, March 8, 2010

This Week in the Ladies Sewing Circle...

Greetings Ladies,

Today, I have already made the mad dash to Long Beach, Orange and then back to Anaheim in the name of monotonous errands that come with adulthood. Boo. All the while battling a cold, passed on from the husband, and it’s the kind of cold where you want to detach your head and leave it on the nightstand and go about your daily business sans head.

I have planned an incredibly busy week for myself and despite the fog I am in, I am super excited to get started, however sluggish I may be.

First things first, I am going to finish up some costume alterations and then…I will be working on some tutorials that I promised for yoyos, runanculus (there are many ways I can spell this and none will be correct) and birds. I will also be bring in to class some examples of other projects that involve these newly mastered skills – I’ll also post pictures here.

I am now going to leave you with the image above. Hope it makes your day like it did mine.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making the Cut

Ever since this adventure of being a sewing teacher began I have searched high and low for tools for smaller hands, especially scissors. Cutting is an extremely important skill to master when it comes to sewing. The accuracy of your cut will determine the entire outcome of the project.

Yes, there are oodles of scissors for children, but not for cutting fabric. I am always dumbfounded when there is something that I cannot find on the internet and I seriously scoured the internet and came up with nada in the way of smaller fabric cutting scissors. Until...

Last Saturday I was at M & L Fabrics in Anaheim (BEST fabric store in Orange kidding) and as I was paying for my loot I noticed that there on the counter were the scissors in the photo above. They were the perfect size, with a comfortable grip and they were SHARP! and $4.00? really!? I immediately bought 6 pair - now here is the down side. No brand label. I have no idea who made these gems and neither did any of the available employees. They simply say "Made in China".

So I am greatful that I found them, and they were met with much approval by all of the girls in class today. I could see a marked improvement in cutting. But the world may never know who manufactured these scissors. I will never stop searching.