Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here it is...summer

I smelled summer today when I opened the front door. It was in the air and in the way that my eyeballs immediately started to cook when I stepped out of the shade and into the sun. I ran back inside and remained perfectly still under the air conditioning vent. Don get me wrong. I love summer. But I really do have to ease into it. It seems like yesterday, it was a little chilly and today...BAM!!! Summer slammed into me with brutal force. Perhaps tomorrow I'll dip my toe into a ray of golden sun.

Sew... Summer has freed up the sewing schedule quite a bit. I have some availability on Mondays and Wednesdays at least until October. If you have a hankering for some sewing lessons send me and email and we can talk about it. Haven't you just been dying to make a quilt? or a summer dress? I can help you with that. Just sayin'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day and my 100th post

Today is the fourth of July and my 100th post. Yipee! Let's celebrate, one event slightly more important than the other, I know, but don't tell the United States that you congratulated me first and it should be fine.


I knew when I started this blog that I would probably never run out of things to say about... stuff. Because life is full of stuff and things that you are likely to want to talk about. I like that the internet doesn't talk back or diminish my fun with questions like... "Well, why would you want to do THAT!?" Thank you internet for being a silent but smiling audience (I think) and for not kicking me out of cyberspace. And let's not forget my readers, I am going to send you all a thank you note, because A.) I am pretty sure that we are family. B.) I have exactly 6 stamps and I am sure that that will be all that I need. C.) When ever you tell me you like my blog I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like an Easter Peep... you know what I mean. Thank you for reading. I promise to say more in my blog and less in person... "Why are you backing away and averting your eyes?!, I didn't finish telling you EVERYTHING!"

So there it is. 100. I will finish this post with 100 of my favorite things (in no particular order except for the first one). Because I enjoy every second of life. Do you?

1. My Husband and his catch phrase "Problem is...."
2. My new puppy (pictures to come)
3. Old family photos.
4. The fact that everyone in my family has similar ears. See taxi with both doors ajar.
5. Carmen Miranda.
6. Yellow Dresses and wooden shoes.
7. Warm concrete next to a pool.
8. Me, my sister and my Dad all having the same pink LA Gear shoes when I was in kindergarden.
9. Rod Stewart Mandolin Wind.
10. Strawberry lIcorice.
11. Stella D'Oro despite their contant factory worker revolts resulting in lack of Stella D'Oro.
12. Chirpy birds in my bird feeder.
13. Second hand yarn(s). The textiles or a someone's story told by another.
14. THe Lovin' Spoonful.
15. Radio Days. Dear Woodie Allen, you are a strange man, but you make me laugh out loud.
16. Sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing.
17. Finding notes in thrift store jacket pockets.
18. The fabric store. If you need me, I am probably there. The ladies at the counter will take a message.
19. Thinking about traveling to Europe.
20. Gardening with my husband.
21. The smell of fall and then winter when it comes rolling in.
22. Did I say wooden shoes? Well I MEANT IT!
23. My mom's perfume but only on her.
24. Hello Kitty. If I went to Japan. I might explode, therefore I stay away and only occasionally visit Sanrio.
25. Grandma McCarty's traveling out west and her roller skating and knitting.
25. Grandpa McCarty's breakfast gravy and the directions for making it. "How much?" "Just enough." "Oh."
26. Singing... whether you like it or not.
27. Weddings, weddings, weddings.
28. Huge pickle jars full of lady bugs.
29. The Harvester
30. Ma and Pa Kettle
31. The Egg and I
32. Angry Geese who chase people. Take that innocent park goer.
33. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sorry Johnny, Gene did it better. Are we still friends?
34. Googlie Eyes
35. Plastic insects.
36. Growing flowers. I am still so amazed that I can get things to grow.
37. Simple Simple SImple Lives.
38. Used Book Stores. I almost just jumped up to go to one when I typed that.
39. Cowboys and Indians (Native Americans)
40. Vintage Clothes.
41. Estate Sales and the strange politics involved in attending them. I have been scratched. Just sayin'
42. Toast.
43. Butter, please never change, you are delicious and that is all there is to it.
44. Laughing really really hard.
45. Remembering something that was funny and laughing really really hard all over again.
46. Shoes.
47. Lunch on the beach.
48. Pic n" Save. Not to be confused with that other place.
49. Weinershnitzel chili cheese dogs right out of the refrigerator.
50. Jeopardy
51. My judgemental turtle
52. Incorporating Elvis, Keny Rogers and John Wayne into my decorating scheme.
53. Armadillos and their means of rolling transportation.
54. Augustus McCrea
55. Ronnie Lane and the Debris.
56. Camping
57. Riding a beach cruiser to the beach.
58. Donuts... in a dangerous way.
59. Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
60. Elvis Presley
61. Thrift Stores in Hesperia with my Dad. P.S. Don't try this at home.
62. Remembering to be grateful.
63. Poncho
64. and Lefty
65. Andy Taylor
66. Ethel Merman
67. Shirly McLaine
68. Dog's that swim
69. People that dance.
70. The smell of Thanksgiving Dinner
71. Finishing everything on my list.
72. Bernnaisse Sauce (see #43 regarding butter)
73. Being on a stage.
74. ghosts.
75. the story of how you met the one you love.
76. waking up rested and happy.
77. pink plastic grocery bags.
78. tea and lots of it.
79. floating on my back in the ocean.
80. cheese, holy cow I almost forgot this.
81. my memories of Disneyland before I grew up and started counting calories and insults.
82. Writing letters, I wish I had a penpal. If interested, email me your address. I have scented stationary and I always write back.
83. Yellow curry.
84. puppies that run and bark in their sleep.
85. San Francisco.
86. red red lipstick. I try to wear it sometimes but I don't think it's my color.
87. going out to dinner.
88. Catch 22, the only book that ever made me laugh out loud.
89. Nancy Regan's commitment to Chanel sutis.
90. My Dad.
91. Amish Country
92. Chip Coffey
93. Johnny Paycheck
94. Ping Pong.
95. Western wear.
96. Getting stuff in the mail.
97. Churros
98. Blogging. obv.
99. Plaid.
100. The fact that I have way more that 100 favorite things...

Love - Carole

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Did you ever think?...

So, I have had this idea for a very long while. It is the kind of idea that you sit on forever thinking that someone is bound to catch on and mass produce it before you even have a chance to yell "But that was MY IDEA!!! Every so often I check Etsy and hold by breath for the results and so far.... nothing. Still no-one has caught on and I am amazed. Perhaps it is a dumb idea. Either way, i think it is time for an unveiling of epic proportion. I love making these and I think you will love wearing them. I have already said too much. Did you think I would tell you? No way, you are too crafty of a bunch for me to show these too just yet. I need a fair crack at the design. But soon, I promise, I will let you in on the shenanigans.