Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Preview and other fun business...

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Ladies Sewing Circle Blog. Here you will be able to see previews of the next month's projects, as well as tutorials for the projects as the month progresses.
For the month of March we will be ringing in the spring season with projects focusing on the upcoming holidays, St. Patrick's Day and then...EASTER! Please scroll down to see previews for the adult class where this month's project theme is also...EASTER!


p.s. fabrics used below are subject to change due to availability and price.

Young Ladies' Sewing

3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Week One/Two - Bobby-pins and Pin-backs

We will be spending week one and two making hair accessories and shamrock pin-wheels. Beginner students will be making a bobby-pin backed "yo-yos" (top picture - on right) and the advanced students will be making the bobby-pin backed fabric ranaculas (top picture on left).

Both of these hair accessory projects serve to practice refine the sewing of circles and curves and gathering - all essential skills in more advanced sewing projects.

All skill levels will be making a matching set - with left over time on the second week we will be making the shamrock pinwheels. These pinwheels have pin-backs and will be ready to wear just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Week Three - Beanie Bunnies (Actually Ricey Rabbits)

These rice filled bunnies are all curves and turns. Yet another project to practice our machine sewing turning abilities. There is also some embroidery involved. There is also a bit of a surprise that has to do with these sleepy little bunnies that will not be revealed until we make them.

Week Four and Five - BUNNY SLIPPERS!!!

There are two different versions of these fuzzy footsies - one a little more challenging than the other. Using the knowledge of sewing curves that students have refined all month long - they will construct their very own pair a bunny slippers. This project will take us two weeks and these slippers will be ready just in time for Easter.

Ladies Sewing (Adult) 8:00pm

Week One - Spring Bird Mobile

Too cute. These simple fabric birds can be used in a variety of ways. We will be positioning these little guys on painted branches.

Week Two - Easter Apron

Cute hostess Easter Apron.

Week Three/Four - Easter Basket

I just love this basket...there are many many many projects that can be spun from this one, trivets, wall hangings, etc. Keep checking back to this blog as I plan on posting a few examples.

Week Five - Finish it it up!

We will finish the month of March with a class devoted to finishing any of the above projects that you may not have had a chance to in our hour together - or - you may want to make another one of something we made this month.