Friday, August 27, 2010

Ladies Sewing Topic - Getting to where you need to go with out major directional issues....discuss

I am developing a wrinkle above my right eyebrow... it's the one that shoots skyward when I am in disbelief. Like when, last night, I was headed home, in my city... that I live in and have lived in... for the past, oh, 30 odd years... when I got lost, like realbigdeal lost. I crossed over train tracks at least 3 times which only caused more confusion as to whether I had crossed over the tracks into the wrong side of town and which side I was currently on (kept an eye out for neerdowells and all of their shennanigans). I swear I passed a hobo with a red checkered bindle. I don't know what that means other than that when I hallucinate, it's usually composed of well placed comforting images, like the time I thought I saw Little Debbie when I was lost at the airport in Canada. Eventually I found a street name I knew and I followed that sucker until, well until I was home. I get lost a lot. I have navigation and I still get lost. I can make you anything out of anything, but you'll have to pick it up at my house because I'll never find you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This guy lives with us now.

He is still working out some of his more undesirable traits, but at 4 months old, I am just happy that he does his business outside.

Archie barks a lot, I mean a lot. But then he'll lounge in backyard on a lawn chair and I can see that someday we'll get along fine.

But for now, if he could find it in his little doggie heart to stop tearing the hem of my dresses, I would be more receptive to playing in the backyard with him.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The wind has changed and I have been blown right back into town...

Here I am. I have survived the harsh blows that life has dealt so far, so far and I am truly happy just to have something to say, in the words of Glen Danzig...I have something to say... thanks Glen, the life that I, and many others have made up for you is probably far more entertaining than the one you actually live. I will gladly peruse your book collection and I do love werewolves though probably not as much as you.

I spent most of yesterday sorting through a bazillion t-shirts left behind by my dad. He sure loved a good t-shirt and his humor was evident in every single one. I grabbed a few for myself and the rest will be made into quilts, if they are good and sold if they are lame. When I got home I had many a carrot to Harvest. Archie...Oh whoops, about that, Ryan and I got a puppy. A baby American Bull dog, and as you might have already surmised, his name is Archie. Well, Archie loves the garden hose and the water that shoots out of it and the mud it makes. The poor floppy pooch came tearing into the house and slipped and slid, whoosh all the way from the back door to the kitchen. He is 4 months old yesterday and still not in control of his almost 25lb body. PIctures to come soon. He is cuter than most dogs. I mean it. You will see and readily agree.

Well, those dern carrots finally begrudgenly (word? who cares) came out of the ground and I made Coconut Carrot Soup from Amy Pennington's Urban Pantry. A gift given to me by my fantastic friend Sharon for my last birthday. This book is my new guide to living. I wish it was longer. I wish I knew what she was talking about, I will soon. Anyway, that soup So simple, and so delicious. We ate it so quickly there was no time for a picture but it was the color of orange sherbet. No lie, the color was neon electric. The way it bubbled a little in the pot made it look radioactive, but man, this was delicious. Curry chicken salad from Joy of Cooking...not so good. Great recipe, bad execution on my part. One out of two is good though.

The day before I made home made pita bread and I am ashamed of the results. That is all I can say. I will go and stand in the corner now.

As for today, I must make the mad dash across the south land. There is much to do before the weekend and before tonight. My goodness, you guys are my favorite, but I have to go.

Love - Carole