Friday, September 10, 2010

brief intermission (brief as it pertains to the amount of time the earth has been spinning)

Wow. I am back. I highjacked Ryan's laptop for the day and man there is a lot of computering' to catch up on. Here is a list of what has been going on lately...

1. I have been nominated for a just spotted blog award. No kidding, it's true. I am in total awe of my co-nominee's, because they are amazing and .....

Oo, Archie is letting out a muffled howl in his sleep, now he's running, and now he's doing some muffled barking.

back to it:... seriously if you have a moment, go and cast a vote for some or all of these amazing people and their blogs here. They deserve it for all of their hard work and extreme creativity and I am happy to be mentioned.

2. Archie got 'fixed' yesterday. He is wearing the cone of silence and if he was clumsy without the cone, he is a basket case with the cone. There is no wall that he does not catch on with that ridiculous plastic contraption. Poor guy.

3. Summer is pretty much over... darn, and I was just about to break out my bikini (thank you, thank you, thank you for the changing of the seasons).

4. A troll has taken residence in my garage beneath my summer sewing stuff. Garage trolls, big deal, not a laughing matter.

5. My hair bun was too tight yesterday which caused me to have a headache.

6. Gilmore Girl's in sindication has looped and is back to the pilot episode. In case you care.

7. I have 15 followers now. I might cap it. 15 people is about the largest amount of people that you want to take out to dinner at one time. Any more and we will have to have a banquet and those tend to be impersonal.

8. My vacuum started expelling dirt rather than inhaling(?) it. This made for some extra cleaning and vacuum abuse. Ryan fixed it but I am writing this down in my "reasons why cleaning is dumb" peachy folder.

I would love to gossip with you some more on my rotary phone at the desk where I catch up on all my correspondence but I have to feed the garage troll or he wont let me do any laundry.

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