Monday, September 20, 2010

Zuul and Archie

I thought we bought a puppy and named him Archie.

Turns out we also bought a mythical beast named Zuul.

Where Archie is a sweet playful bulldog.
Zuul is a snarling foot-chomping hell hound that takes all action as a threat, especially the offer of a treat.

There is no warning as the when Archie will take a back seat to Zuul and Zuul stays as long as Zuul wants.

Archie is currently snoring away on the bathroom floor. He loves the cool tile and shoves the bathroom rug to the side to get maximum body to tile ratio. Sometimes he helps out by polishing the tile with his tongue and gnawing a little at the grout but mostly he just snores. I have to be careful not to disturb his slumber because it is usually Zuul that I am waking up.

Wait...Uh oh.

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